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Billy and Dave of Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC are the most technically savvy and accommodating individuals I have worked with in regard to computers. When my brother’s computer couldn’t connect to the family WiFi network, they got things fixed in no time, remotely, using easy-to-download software and the phone. It was just as if they were sitting in front of my computer.

I highly recommend Billy and Dave of Alltech.

Paul Plante, North Berwick, Maine


I recently had some trouble with my computer speakers. They were not functioning properly, and I was at a loss as to why. I’d already had extensive experience dealing with the good folks at Alltech, so there was no question who to call. What I did not realize, however, was that with the help of professional software and the Internet, they could access my computer in Rochester, New Hampshire, from their own office in Acton, Maine!

With a quick, simple download and very little preparation time, they were remotely guiding my mouse cursor around my own screen and searching for the problem. (You can remove the remote access software from your computer after the session, but I chose to leave it on my PC for future use, since it is unobtrusive and takes up little disk space.) They fixed the problem in no time flat, asking me questions over the phone when necessary and letting their experience do the work—all right in front of my eyes. It really couldn’t have been easier. Thanks, guys!

Phil La
, NH


I have recently had the pleasant experience of having David of Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC work on my computer remotely. At one point, my printer would not print pages from a particular website; another time my stock quote software was not streaming like it should. David was able to navigate my system from his computer and identify and resolve problems while I watched and communicated with him by phone. I not only got my computer working, I learned something in the process. What more could I ask for? I wholeheartedly endorse this approach to computer repair.

Robert MacKenzie

Salem, NH


I bought a family computer a couple of years ago and knew enough of the basics to get it running and do a little routine maintenance. About a year later, though, the computer was slow and sometimes locking up, even though we’re connected to high-speed Internet. It was really frustrating since it happened at the most inconvenient times. Everything I tried to do on my own didn’t work.

Rather than bring the computer to a repair shop, I wanted to find someone local to help. Dave of Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC was able to remotely connect his computer to mine, and he guided me though the process of identifying and then correcting the problems (and there were a lot of them—but a big one was a router firewall setting that prevented my computer from downloading and installing Windows updates). I was really impressed and very grateful for this convenient service and now have the comfort of knowing that I can rely on Alltech to bail me out whenever I have a question about computer hardware, networking, or software.

Next time you have computer problem, do yourself a big favor and call Alltech.

Dave Plante, North Berwick, Maine


We have known Bill for 4 years and trust him completely. He recently fixed my husband’s computer, which was running slow, with the remote service. It was exciting to watch Billy work on it from his own computer, in another town—cleaning up all the nasty viruses and making the system run so much better with other fixes, too. He also taught my husband how not to get into a mess like that again!

Billy did a great job, and we recommend Alltech for all your computer needs.

George & Kiki Tzermias, Rochester, NH


Just wanted to say how pleased I was with service from David of Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC when I had problems connecting my camera to my laptop to upload photos. I allowed him to remotely access my laptop while I was in Germany. Issue resolved. I learned a few things while we were at it.

Tom Offerman, Temeculah, CA

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