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At our Rochester shop, you can purchase a better-than-new refurbished laptop or desktop computer, spec out a custom system, or have your current computer serviced or repaired.

Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC offers a full range of services for desktop and laptop/notebook computers—virus removal, data backup, data recovery, hardware upgrades, and system optimization (tune-up)—at reasonable prices. They feature remote service by Internet for computer diagnostics, virus removal, and system optimization (tune-up).

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Diagnostic Tests

Computer not starting? Rebooting unexpectedly? Running slowly? Crashing or freezing up often? Not letting you online? Showing unwanted pop-ups? Just plain acting funny? Diagnostic tests include a visual inspection followed by hardware scans for failed or failing components (motherboard, memory, hard drive, and more). Diagnostic test results will indicate whether hardware and/or software fixes are required. We’ll contact you with our findings, suggestions, and estimates for service, repair, or part replacement.

Virus Removal

Viruses or Trojans hijacked your computer? Virus removal may be simple or complicated, depending on the degree of infection. But we can clean up your computer and help you avoid viruses in the future.

Note: Although we will attempt to preserve your data and system configuration, complete virus removal may require deleting key operating system files (files required for your computer to start and run properly), music, movies, e-mails, and more to restore full functionality. (See Wipe & Reload and Data Backup for additional services that might be required.)

Wipe & Reload

Severe viral infection? If key operating system files (files required for your computer to start and run properly) are infected beyond repair, we will suggest a Wipe & Reload service to restore full functionality to your computer. Wipe & Reload entails erasing all data (including the Windows operating system and all customizations, programs, games, files, photos, music, and videos) and reinstalling Microsoft Windows (i.e., the same version as on your computer), applying all relevant updates, and updating the drivers for your internal hardware (e.g., motherboard, hard drive, RAM, and video card) and external hardware (e.g., printer, webcam).

Note: The Windows operating system is reinstalled with this service, plus free anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and the free Suite. Additional software (like Microsoft Office) and hardware devices (like printers) can be installed for an additional fee; customer must provide the product key (Certificate of Authenticity) for any requested software installations.

Note: Minimal backup is included in this price. (See Data Recovery and Data Backup for additional services.)

Data Recovery

Computer ate your homework when the hard drive failed? Can’t find digital photos or other important files? Virus wiped out your music library? Chances are, those files are still in there. Let us try to recover your files. If we can’t, then we’ll waive the Data Recovery fee! You have nothing to lose that isn’t already lost.

Note: Data recovery may involve considerable data backup and investigative skills to find the files or folders that you request. Pricing will vary depending on the amount of data to be recovered and the complexity of the procedure. Please Contact Us for an estimate.

Data Backup

Want to archive your photos, music, and other files so you can’t lose them? Copy your entire system so it will be easy to reload if necessary? We can back up your documents and multimedia files as well as programs, customizations, and full system configurations to a safe online server so they can be restored in the event of computer failure, theft, or damage. It’s a no-brainer! (See Consulting and Tutorials for do-it-yourself backup options.)

Note: Because data backup is complex, pricing will vary. Please Contact Us for an estimate.

System Optimization (Computer Tune-ups)

Computer running slow? Games not running as smoothly as they used to? Software problems—viruses or malware, incompletely removed programs, disk errors, software incompatibility, and more—often are to blame. Let us figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. (See Consulting and Tutorials to learn do-it-yourself options.)

Computer Upgrades

Maxed out your hard drive with media files? Slow response time making you frustrated? Video or sound quality not up to snuff? Increase file storage capacity, computer speed, graphics quality, and more by upgrading the hard drive, memory, and other components of your current system. Before you replace your old computer, let us examine it and suggest which hardware to replace to achieve the performance you want, affordably.

Note: Because computer upgrades will vary by system, client requirements, and parts prices, pricing will vary. Please Contact Us for an estimate.

Laptop/Notebook Repair

Laptop battery not charging? LCD screen gone black? Notebook keyboard gunked up, or keys sticking? Good news: These parts can be replaced! Laptop repairs often can extend the life of your computer for much less than the cost of a new laptop. We will examine your computer for underlying problems (in addition to the obviously broken component) and provide you with a fair estimate for part repair or replacement.

New Custom Computers

Want a simple, stable, high-quality home computer for email and Internet browsing—no bells and whistles—that won’t go belly-up within a year and comes with friendly local service? A powerful, fast computer that supports multitasking, when you have multiple programs or spreadsheets open at a time? The ultimate supercharged gaming rig that makes your game experience more real than life? With your input, we can build a custom PC for personal or professional use that is optimized to your requirements. First, we’ll determine the best internal hardware components, case, and peripheral hardware for you and provide an estimate that fits your budget. Then we’ll build the computer, load and update the operating system of your choice, and get you ready to roll—with none of the system-slowing software bloat that you’d get from a big box store.

Note: Every custom computer system is tailored to its user’s requirements and budget. Please Contact Us for an estimate.

Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox broken? Frozen? Won’t power on? Red lights blinking (known as the Red Ring of Death or RROD)? We can fix your Xbox! You’ll be back to playing your favorite games with minimal down time.


Got an issue not covered under the services listed here? Not a problem! The first step always is the Diagnostic Tests. Then we’ll contact you with our findings, suggestions, and estimates for service, repair, or part replacement.

Consulting & Tutorials

Want to understand how your computer works? Surf safely, avoid viruses, and keep your PC running smoothly? Set up a wireless network? Organize or archive your precious family photos? Use software to your advantage? We teach computer basics, safe browsing techniques, easy maintenance tips, networking basics. file backup strategies, software tips, and much more. Please Contact Us to customize a tutorial to your needs.

Service Options

Alltech Electronics & Computers LLC offers three service options: In-Shop (our place—you bring the computer to us), House Call (your place—within our travel area, for a small fee), and Remote both places—using an easy-to-use program that allows our computers connect to yours). Remote service is appropriate for certain software Diagnostic Tests, Virus Removal, and System Optimization (Computer Tune-ups), and Consulting & Tutorials services.

In-Shop Diagnostics & Service

Bring your computer to us, and we’ll work on it in our shop. We’ll perform the necessary Diagnostic Tests, then call you with an estimate for the suggested services or repairs.

Remote Diagnostics & Service

Live or work far from our Rochester shop? Neither offsite nor onsite service is convenient? Don’t want to change out of your fuzzy slippers? Remote service may be the answer! Tune-ups and virus removal can be done via a high-speed Internet connection. With your permission, we will log on to your system and work on your computer—what we normally would do in person—safely and securely (while you watch, if you wish).

Note: Someone should be available at your location to reboot the computer if necessary.

House Call Diagnostics & Service

We offer convenient service in your home or workplaces (within our travel area; please Contact Us for an details). We will perform the necessary diagnostic tests and service, and get your computer back in shape before you know it.

Note: If diagnostic test results indicate that a repair is required, we may not be able to complete the job in one session. It may require (a) a second House Call to your home or (b) an In-Shop visit—your choice.

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